Heal Your Brain

Heal your brain using MAPS (Monitored Multicortical Activities for Additional Pathways and Synapses) System by Claudie Gordon-Pomares (www.unlimitedbrain.com)

See also the book AUTISM is not a life sentence by Claudie Gordon-Pomares. The extent of healing possible for any state of brain impairment is immense using this technique. For many of us who do not have a definable brain disorder, but are aware of our own limitations, this technique will increase neurotransmitter levels by stimulating the olfactory release of stem cells.

The following is a variation on the technique presented in the book AUTISM is not a life sentence:

  1. Play music (indicated on STORE section of www.unlimitedbrain.com)
  2. Hold any pleasant scent under your nose, and then take several deep breaths while keeping your eyes closed. The scent can be several drops of any type of oil applied to a cottonball, or just the object itself (example: a fresh rose or a sliced lemon).
  3. Open your eyes and look at any pleasant picture (preferably not of person/people) while still smelling the scent.
  4. Close your eyes while still smelling the scent, and apply tactile stimulation by rubbing your head with your fingertips or (to someone else) by rubbing their back with your fingertips.
  5. Stimulate your sense of taste by putting drops of liquid in your mouth while still smelling the scent.

OK, that’s it…do it twice a day. Consistency over time is what brings the results.

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