Invigorate Your Metabolism Protocol

A weight loss program engineered to be as effortless as possible.

Over the past few months, our very own Dr. Rai has been asked numerous times about how she is once again looking so thin and energetic. Below is an open letter to the For Better Health web audience, written by Dr. Rai in response to these requests.

Dear For Better Health web audience,

My persistent search for the most effective natural therapies has recently yielded a weight loss supplement regime that is both powerful  as well as nourishing.  Using this combination personally, I have lightened my body by over 40 lbs in the past year.  I look good, I feel great, and I am more energetic than I have been for years.  Additionally, I would say that I am happy and I am grateful, which helped facilitate the weight loss and further encouraged greater expression of joy in my life.  Everything helps.

But, onto the details of my weight loss strategy:

Product AM NOON PM
Lean ‘n Fit by Nick Delgado, Ph.D. 1 1
CinnDrome X by Xymogen 2 2
Min-Rx by Xymogen
– or – Mega Minerals by UltraBalance
Prolomine Iodine by Standard Process 2
Panxyme by Xymogen 1 1
Balanced Omega by Nordic Naturals 2 2
Vitamin D/K 1
Metanx by Rx by PAM Labs
– or – Folic Acid 1.2 MG and Sublingual B12

My first round draft choice and the star is Irvingia gabonensis.  It is an African herb that sensitizes leptin receptors on the fat cells and alerting them to start metabolizing their content. In essence, this herb encouraged shrinking fat cells, in all the areas that never seem to shrink — particularly the abdomen.  I tried other brands but the formulation I like best is Lean ‘n Fit by Nick Delgado, Ph.D.  It combines the Irvingia with, among other things, kudzu.  Kudzu is high in nitrogen and facilitates energy production and the cross linking of amino acids.  This product acts as an appetite suppressant and as a blood sugar stabilizer.  It does not have any stimulants and is not damaging to the adrenals or the nervous system.

My next pick is CinnDrome X by Xymogen.  Specializing in blood sugar control, it has chromium, lipoic acid, gymnema, and cinnamon. The ginseng and green tea in CinnDrome X will also increase metabolism.

High quality mineral complexes, such as Min-Rx by Xymogen or Mega Minerals by UltraBalance, are the third crucial ingredient to this protocol. Minerals are necessary for every cellular process — in other words: your body doesn’t know how to do what it does with out them. They’ll make you feel better, too!

These three products, Lean ‘n Fit, CinnDrome X, and Min-Rx (or Mega Minerals) are the elite offensive line of my weight loss team. I take these products in the morning and at noon.  As a side note: even though the Lean ‘n Fit is not an amphetamine, it can disturb your sleep when taken too late in the day. If you take these products with food, you should not experience nausea.

There are a few other products I use daily for minimal health coverage, which also allow the body to lose weight more effectively and efficiently.

I use Prolomine Iodine, a food sourced iodine from Standard Process, to keep my thyroid levels at their best. Min-Rx will help thyroid levels as well. People who are taking thyroid hormone, or who may have thyroid issues, should have their levels checked to ensure that they are taking the proper approach to thyroid health.

Panxyme from Xymogen is an inexpensive, all purpose digestive enzyme. It increases immunity and facilitates blood flow by removing debris from the blood stream. Enzymes allow blood to flow better — translating into less heart attack and stroke potential, and better organ perfusion. These benefits in turn produce healthier organs, improve brain function, and also reduce the workload of white blood cells by lessening inflammatory triggers.

For omega oils, I take Balanced Omega from Nordic Naturals, a high purity omega 6 and omega 3 oil. Omega oils support brain function, reduce inflammation, reduce triglycerides, and promote cell membrane stabilization. Increasing cell membrane stability promotes better hormone function.

No list is complete without Vitamins D Supreme by Designs for Health. These two essential vitamins increase immune protection and bone health, and facilitate proper mineral utilization.

The only prescription medication I would add to this list is Metanx. In its simplest form, Metanx is only a B vitamin. Digging deeper, Metanx is a proprietary formulation of methylated B12 and and methylated folate. This medication helps the liver safely detoxify and stimulates nerve growth. These properties make this bio-identical nutrient a fantastic addition to my weight loss supplement team.

If you that are interested in this protocol, then you’ll be pleased to know that we carry all of these products, except Metanx. In order to better serve our community, we will be offering this protocol as a package that does not require seeing a doctor first.

No perfect weight loss program is complete without a greater awareness of your own lifestyle choices. My lifestyle choices work for me. I am not intending to imply that my choices are the best for everyone. That said, I try to eat very limited amounts of only high quality starches. For example, I avoid most gluten-based products, although I do enjoy sprouted-grain English muffins. Seasonally fresh fruit, vegetables, almond butter, eggs, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, and prunes are all dietary staples of mine.  I eat turkey, salmon, chicken, shrimp, and some fish (although I try to avoid high-mercury fish).  I like to drink Kombucha and high ph water, such as Eternal and Aqua Hydrate.  I usually eat two meals a day: breakfast and dinner.  I want to emphasize that my food selection process does not require great restraint.  As for exercise, I do one to two  15 – minute High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the trampoline a week.

The easiest (and most effective) way to flourish on any nutrition protocol is for the protocol itself to integrate with your life as seamlessly as possible. That is the intent of this protocol. In the end, love is the key to everything. I love my work. I love my friends.  I love participating in life.

Kashi Rai , MD

If you would like more information about this protocol, please call our office at 504.818.2525 or drop on by during business hours. We’d love to see you.

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