Breakthrough with Bruce Burkey

Stuck? Lost? Hopeless?

Now you can Breakthrough to a feeling of being connected, aligned on purpose, and feeling true to your genuine authentic self.

For Better Health Clinic is please to affiliate with Bruce Burkey and his unique mental breakthrough process. Bruce integrates ancient modalities of healing with his new BREATHROUGH approach!

His process WORKS!
by neutralizing internal stress while taking advantage of a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. New neural pathways are created rapidly and safely to reestablish the spirit-mind-body connection on a cellular level.

Most therapies take years. Bruce’s 5 day breakthrough process will get you on the other side once and for all!
Even his 1 day session will get you on your way to feeling hopeful and grateful!

It’s Safe * Private * Confidential * Efficient * and Absolutely Effective!

Issues with Health? Career? Relationships? Life…?
Whatever your challenge… Results Assured!

So, have you had enough…

Ready to Breakthrough?!

1st Initial Phone Consultation is FREE!


Message From Dr. Rai:

I have experienced Bruce’s therapy both personally and as a group member of our office. The process provides an “emotional alignment”, efficiently, effectively, and powerfully in a safe and protected environment. Whatever indecision, recurrent negative behavior, or insurmountable situation you are facing, be it emotional and/or physical, this therapy allows an emotional breakthrough and equally importantly a corresponding manifestation of clear action. From observing my own life and that of the many patients who have embraced this powerful, lasting healing that occurs in a day, I can say that everyone truly gets what they need to go forward in their life, if not necessarily what they may have defined that they want. This meditative process meets you at a sense of impasse and delivers you to a point of peace and clarity while liberating a strength of action. The result…a profound and lasting shift in understanding, action, and gratitude…a life reclaimed…yours.

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