About Us

Your overall health and well-being is our focus

For Better Health is the medical clinic of Dr. Kashi Rai. Our approach is to focus on the complete health of every patient. The treatments we use stabilize and improve the physical body, using bio-identical restorative compounds. We treat a wide range of health challenges, from a simple desire to obtain well-being, to chronic disease states.

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We start with a plan

Because each patient’s biochemical needs are unique, the first visit with Dr. Rai is a 90 minute evaluative appointment designed to address specific concerns and challenges. After reviewing any requested lab work, the doctor then formulates a unique health plan. For the second 90 minute visit, the doctor and patient are able to collaborate on treatment options.

How we promote health

We use only well-researched and medical-grade nutraceutical supplements and IV therapies as well as minimal prescription medication to treat our patients. Our focus is on healing the entire person — not just the symptoms of their discomfort.

We partner with our patients

An integral component of our healing paradigm is that we spend a significant amount of time with our patients. After the first two patients visits, follow-ups are 40-minutes long. Our longer appointment times translate into more effective treatments and greater patient satisfaction.

For more information

For information on new patient visits and how to schedule a visit, please call our office at (504) 818-2525. Visit our Contact Us page for a map to our location.