Breakthrough with Bruce Burkey

Stuck? Lost? Hopeless?

Now you can Breakthrough to a feeling of being connected, aligned on purpose, and feeling true to your genuine authentic self.

For Better Health Clinic is please to affiliate with Bruce Burkey and his unique mental breakthrough process. Bruce integrates ancient modalities of healing with his new BREATHROUGH approach!

His process WORKS!
by neutralizing internal stress while taking advantage of a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. New neural pathways are created rapidly and safely to reestablish the spirit-mind-body connection on a cellular level.

Most therapies take years. Bruce’s 5 day breakthrough process will get you on the other side once and for all!
Even his 1 day session will get you on your way to feeling hopeful and grateful!
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Heavy Metals and Your Health

Heavy Metals and Your Health

What are heavy metals and how do they affect your health?

Heavy metals are naturally occurring in the environment. They consist of such elements as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and antimony, to name a few. In your body, there are naturally occurring metalothionine enzymes whose function it is to remove these metals. However, if your body has a heavy burden of metals, or if you are genetically challenged, these enzymes may become sluggish and therefore not process the metals adequately. After your body accumulates this burden of heavy metals, they generally are deposited in your tissues and stay indeterminably. At this stage, you are susceptible to many health problems associated with chronic heavy metal toxicity.

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A Compilation of Research on Lead Toxicity

Lead has a half-life of 27 days in the blood (according to Environmental Health Perspective 1995; 103:988-999).  Therefore, chronic exposure will not adequately show up in blood tests, so performing these tests and documenting their results will not properly diagnose chronic heavy metal toxicity.  In chronic exposure cases, the blood does not carry the heavy metals, but rather the metals are stored in body tissue and can only be released to be measured with a chelating agent.  The source of chronic exposure is difficult, if not impossible, to determine. Continue reading

Heal Your Brain

Heal your brain using MAPS (Monitored Multicortical Activities for Additional Pathways and Synapses) System by Claudie Gordon-Pomares (

See also the book AUTISM is not a life sentence by Claudie Gordon-Pomares. The extent of healing possible for any state of brain impairment is immense using this technique. For many of us who do not have a definable brain disorder, but are aware of our own limitations, this technique will increase neurotransmitter levels by stimulating the olfactory release of stem cells. Continue reading