Adult New Patients

Required Forms

All new patients are required to fill out a patient information packet before their appointment can be scheduled. This packet also contains detailed information for the patient on what to expect before and after your visits, as well as the fee schedule for the visits.

Adult New Patient Packet

Please download and fill out the packet, and then send it
(along with a copy—front and back—of your insurance card) into the office via

fax: (504) 818-0492
– or –
mail: 2901 N. Causeway Blvd, Ste 307
Metairie, LA 70002

Because the form contains sensitive information, we do not recommend emailing it.

First Visit

The first visit for new patients is 90 minutes long. During this appointment, the doctor will discuss your medical history in detail. She will then order bloodwork for you to have drawn no less than two weeks before your test result appointment.

Test Result Visit

The second visit is called the test result visit and is also 90 minutes long. It is scheduled approximately 3-5 weeks after your first visit, leaving you time to go to the lab and have any labs drawn that were ordered by the doctor during your first visit. During this appointment, the doctor will discuss your lab results in detail, line by line, and explain how these results relate to your health state and symptoms. She will then create a treatment plan with you to address these issues. This plan will include vitamins and supplements, lifestyle changes, along with any necessary prescriptions. Most vitamins and supplements recommended by the doctor are available for purchase in our office for your convenience. We do not require that you purchase supplements with us.

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up visits are scheduled every three to six months, or as needed. They are 40 minutes long.

Blood Work Billing

Please check your insurance benefits to the extent possible. As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your benefits before ordering blood work, to inform you of the amount of your deductible, and the percentage of the lab work that is covered after that deductible is met. (For example, $1500 dollar deductible with 80% coverage.) Our doctors make every effort to be conscientious of your coverage limits, and work within your means. When you receive your invoice from the diagnostic laboratory for the lab work (sometimes up to months later), if the total seems inappropriately high based on your coverage limits, please send a copy of the invoice to our office so we can contact the diagnostic laboratory and make every effort to settle any discrepancies. Of course, we can not guarantee that all issues will be resolved, but we will give it our full attention and effort. You can send it via fax: (504) 818-0492, mail: 2901 N. Causeway Blvd, Ste 307, Metairie, LA 70002, or email: